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Welcome to Module 4: Clearing Grief

Please listen to the accompanying audio lecture with this text.

Key points about grief

While grief is a form of sadness, it is also the doorway to a major spiritual opening in the Heart Chakra. The Heart has three layers, or levels, that are interdependent and related: the Physical Heart, the Emotional Heart and the Spiritual Heart. The heart’s physical health can be impacted by the state of both the emotional and spiritual heart. The spiritual heart holds the soul’s deepest mission while you are here on earth. Ultimately, that includes being an expression of pure love, including sharing love and receiving love. When, however, the emotions of the heart are not processed, or worked through, the emotional heart can keep us from evolving to a spiritual state of being.

Grief in the body

Grief is the primary emotion held in the heart, but it can reside in other places in the body, too. Emotions other than grief can reside in the heart as well. Grief can result from such things as: loss, divorce or death of a loved one, not getting to live your full self, not receiving the kind of love you needed when you needed it, and more. It is so important that grief be felt at the time of the original impact, or hurt. If it is not felt, it gets suppressed after which protection mechanisms form in order to prevent future harm from occurring.

The paradox of protection mechanisms is that they not only protect from potential future harm, they also create a barrier that makes it difficult to feel and receive deep love going forward. Needless to say, this dynamic does not help you evolve past the feeling of hurt and pain. Protection mechanisms are there to keep intense feelings at bay. They can show up as a numbing feeling or a feeling of being shut down. You may not be afraid to consciously feel the sadness of loss, but somewhere in your subconscious there is an operating system at work that says the grief is too big to feel so I will shut it down.

It’s important to feel and process grief, so that it doesn’t feed fears or block your intuition and clarity of purpose. When grief is present it may be challenging to feel your intuition. It’s like foggy emotional clouds over the heart and once they clear, your shining intuitive light will come through.

How to clear grief

  • You breathe into it. Grief sits in the heart and the lungs, and when you engage in conscious breath aimed at processing grief, you are literally flushing your lungs of grief and pain.
  • Feel the pain, the hurt, the anger, the sadness. Feel ALL of it. You may not have had permission to feel your feelings, but you do now. In fact, it’s important to your happiness and well-being that you feel your feelings. I wish there were a magic wand we could wave to make them vanish, but as a human being, you have emotions and as the saying goes: the only way out is through.
  • Create comfort for yourself. Grief may need a different release than anger. Anger may need big, explosive movements to clear. Grief, on the other hand, may need comfort, nurturing and love. You can wrap a blanket of light around your heart for comforting support in order to dare to what wants to be expressed there. Or you can wrap yourself in an actual blanket, lay on the ground and let the earth hold you in your grief. Breathe into it and have a deep cry if needed.
  • Keep moving through it until you feel a state of peace and calm. Sometimes a gentle walk will help or a touching song. Once you have felt the grief move, you can follow the reprogramming section of the assignment.

Once you’ve cleared on an emotional level, your spirit then can come through with the higher meaning, higher vision or higher purpose to your life as well as insights related to your life situation. When grieving, many people ask the question: “Why did this happen?” What’s important to know here is that in the moment, there is no reason that will make this feeling of grief go away any faster, and you won’t get clarity to that question when you’re in grief. Once the grief has passed, though, and you can feed your soul by tending to what you need, your heart will mature and the “Why?” question may make sense at that point. It also may take time.

This week you will spend some time identifying grief in your system. Follow the assignment and the recording. Remember you are clearing what blocks you from hearing your intuitive voice. It’s good to notice in this regard, and be mindful to discern if the voice you’ve been hearing around issues of the heart has been your intuition, or if it’s been a protective voice. Once you agree to address the grief, protections relax, allowing your intuitive voice to grow stronger.

Some forms Grief may take:

Sadness, and its deeper version: sorrow



A protective heart

Isolation/pushing people away, even with kindness

Feeling Stuck or at a crossroads in life

Fear of commitment and/or intimacy

You are about to advance to the Module 4 Assignment for clearing.

REMINDER: Tools for Unpacking and Processing your Emotions

  • Breathe into them. Direct your breath to the area of the body where the emotion is stored and breathe into it. Think about your the systems in your body, organs or even cells; think about limbs, skin, etc.
  • Direct your focus to an area of the body where you notice the feeling sits
  • Try to visualize or create a “feels like/looks like/smells like” metaphor for your emotion. Answer questions like: what does it look like; what is the consistency; what color does it have? You might get things like: Fire, smokey clouds, quicksand, sticky glue, etc. To clear, think of how you would deal with what ever appeared to you. For instance: How would you put out fire? Think about what visuals you would create in turn to clear/transform that image and the emotion you are associating with it.
  • Talk to the emotion with the intention of getting to know it better. You are a journalist, and your fear is an interviewee. Ask questions such as: Where did it come from? Did it come from you or someone else? How old is it? Do you need it anymore? Is it ready to go? If so, take some deep breaths and let it release down your grounding chord.
  • Oh and Drink lots of water after a clearing to flush the cells through.

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