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Welcome to Module 6: Developing Intuition

Please listen to the accompanying audio lecture with this text.

Now you have spent the past 6 modules on clearing your emotional blocks. You should now have a good understanding on how to identify your emotions, give them attention and release them. The recordings and assignments are yours to revisit whenever you need to return to healing or clearing your emotional blocks. You can also turn to them whenever you are feeling ungrounded or not clear. Perhaps there is an emotion to address.

Now we are going to look at how your intuition develops from a clear place. Your intuition is the voice of your soul in connection with the Divine. The connection with the Divine is the important part. The reason is that when you are not connected to the flow of higher consciousness, your only outlet of connection becomes humanity. What does that mean? It means that you may be triggered by emotions of your own and others, and you would be spending your time clearing your emotions over and over again with out evolving to higher state. Also you intuition may not be clear. It may be emotionally charged and not clean.

Your Divine connection is the purest bond and for intuition to be clear, you must establish a very strong pillar of light with in you.

What is the Pillar of Light? It is an energetic pipeline that runs from your crown chakra to your tailbone. Divine light pours into it and your grounding cord nourishes it. The most important piece of information to know about the Pillar of Light is that it is the vibration of LOVE. Pure Divine Love.  It is the spiritual backbone to your soul. The Pillar of Light resides within your soul and your soul is also the frequency of pure Divine Love.

What does this mean with regard to intuition? It means that you must know what this level of love feels like. I’ll repeat this: It means that in order for you to truly trust, hear and respond to your own intuition, you must intimately know what Divine Love feels like in your body.   If your soul is born from Diving Love, then your soul is love, and loving your SELF is the foundation of your intuitive voice coming through.

So, meditating on the Pillar of Light in your body and running the frequency of love through it will nourish your soul so much that it glows from the attention you are giving to yourself. This is an act of self-love. From there, your intuitive voice may show up in a couple different ways:

  1. In your core- this could be your little self or gut feelings and your empathic sense (feeling other’s emotions).
  2. In your heart- this could be your higher self or soul giving you direction or guidance.
  3. In your mind- Not your brain, but your 3rd eye, which is your higher knowing. This could be visions, intuitive hits, perceptions, etc.

Any of these may be natural for you already. If so, great! Just know that grounding is a big part of being clear in your intuition.   You can ground yourself by

  1. Visualizing your Grounding Cord
  2. Walking barefoot in grass or resting on the earth
  3. Slowing your inner pace
  4. Eating slowly and eating grounding foods
  5. Clearing your emotions so your intuition can be clear

How do you keep your Pillar of Light and your intuition strong?

  1. Heal any blocks to Love. How was love taught to you? Was your family a loving family? Were you given affection? Tenderness?
  2. Re-establish a new way of living LOVE in your life.
  3. Release any blocks to faith.
  4. Release any blocks to prayer, meditation, or self care
  5. Run Divine Light through your Pillar every day. Release any stress or blockage down your grounding cord. Fill yourself up with Divine Love.

There is an assignment below to help you connect Divinely, establish your pillar, accept the frequency of Divine Love and feel your intuition. Also, I’ve prepared for you a guided meditation, which may help in visualizing the assignment.

Module 6 Content (PDF)


Guided Meditation

Assignment (PDF)