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Welcome to Module 5: Choose an Emotion to Review and Integration Work

Please listen to the accompanying audio lecture with this text.

Key Points about Integration work

In this module you have the option to clear any emotion that is still present for you and whatever else represents a block for you. You can take 2 weeks if needed to integrate, but do not fall off track. Be sure to return for the final class. Take some time to let your being relax a bit. Tune into yourself and allow your intuition guide you to the emotion that needs clearing. This integration time will provide you some space to delve in a little deeper.

There may be some negative, or counter-productive thoughts in your mind from which you are unable to truly free yourself. Is there a betrayal in your story; are there doubts around your abilities; do you suffer from low self-esteem; do you think what happened to you in the past will forever stand between you and the life of your dreams? This is your opportunity, this week, to unpack those situations and/or emotions that are still serves as blocks to your intuition.

Here are some options on how to proceed with integration work:

  1. Close your eyes and ask: “What blocks me from being able to feel more fully and trust my intuition or my expansion of self?” Let the answer come to you. Perhaps an image arises, or you get an intuitive hit on the nature of the block. Don’t edit or second-guess yourself. Go with what comes up. Breathe into it and allow the image, and/or the emotions that accompany it, to release down your grounding cord.
  2. While you were clearing fear, guilt/shame, anger or grief, did a more comprehensive (bigger/deeper) issue surface? What do you need now to clear, release or heal the elements of this larger context? Turn to it, breathe into it and unpack whatever is still blocking you energetically. Follow instructions from the past weeks on how to unpack emotions.
  3. Revisit an emotion from the past modules and ask yourself: what else can I clear about that, in addition to what I’ve already done? Give attention to any other aspects of previously explored emotions. For example if you still have a fear of trusting your self, then return to the class on fear, listen to the recording and do the assignment.

You are welcome to listen to any of the recordings over again for support.

In addition, there is a Meditation to support you in your integration module.

Module 5 Content (PDF)


Guided Meditation

Assignment (PDF)