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Welcome to Module 1: Clearing Blocks to Intuition

Please listen to the accompanying audio lecture with this text.

What you will be learning:

  • You will be learning how to clear your emotional blocks to allow your spirit to come through more fully Intuition is our spirit communicating to our consciousness.
  • Our spirits evolve, and we increase our conscious awareness through the experience of feeling feelings.
  • By clearing out emotional baggage, we also heal what we are emotionally attached to. In so doing, we create more space for our spirit to expand/grow and feel light in the body. This is expanded consciousness in the body.
  • Be careful of being trapped by your emotions and drama. We want to strengthen the spirit in this process so that your soul gets nourished as you are healing emotions too. So words of wisdom, songs, etc. — anything that strikes a harmonious chord in you, can be a tonic for your soul in this process.

What blocks intuition:  Emotions: Fear, Anger, Grief, Rage, etc. 

  • Emotions are not all in your head and they are not all in your heart or belly.
  • They live in various parts of your cellular body. They also reside in your subconscious as well as conscious memory, and in your body’s cellular memory.
  • Cells die and are replaced every day, but there is an energetic memory that our being carries in the wake of experience.
  • In this course you will learn how to focus in on where particular emotions feel stored in your body and direct your breath there. This process allows you to clear energy blocks, which are what create feelings of stuckness.


Breath is the stream of life force in your body. We breathe automatically to live, but when we direct breath with intention to various areas of the body, it becomes a tool for healing.

Letting Go

You are surely familiar with the term “let go:” let go of the past; let go of how you feel right now and move on. Learning to let go on an energetic level is extremely important and helps you move forward in your life, especially when the mind can’t let go. But HOW do you let go? Letting go starts with creating an exit, or outlet, for energy to move.

Here are outlets through which you can move energy by means of focused breath work:

  • The Grounding Cord: It runs from your hips to the center of the earth.
  • The Crown of your head: you can open up a pillar or pipeline to the cosmos and let the energy release through the top of your head
  • Bubble of Light: create a bubble out in front of you, place the energy in the bubble and send the bubble far away from you.
  • Expel out of your body in all directions: just breath and exhale the energy out of your system, through the font and back side. This works especially well with Anger.
  • Use your voice: you may need to say something, yell something or speak to someone in order to let the energy go.

Key Points about Fear

  • Fear is an emotion that may be felt in a few areas of the body, but you will be focusing on two areas; the Root Chakra and the Solar Plexus.
  • The two fundamental or primary human fears that gets formed are:

1) Our separation from source. Fear forms when our spirit leaves the vast expansiveness and comes into a human form. This kind of fear shows up because we are fundamentally vulnerability. We are vulnerable as babies and therefore have needs. When these basic needs are not met, or met in an abusive way, neglect, fear, lack of trusting, etc can result.

For instance, the “fear of being alone” is a primary fear of separation. Notice the many ways you have structured your life so that you don’t have to be or feel alone.   Co-dependency forms to stave off that primary fear of being alone and separate.

In a minute, we will go over how to look at these fears and process these fears.

2) Fear of death. If you break all of your fears down to one primary fear, it comes down to a fear of dying. “I don’t feel safe” or “I’m afraid I might fail”, or “there is never enough, money, love, etc.” for example. If you kept asking the question “Why?” to those, you will come down to the basic fear of impermeability or death. A great deal of our fears live in what is called the death layer in our body. It can be a hard and scary place when it comes to the surface. This death layer, or fear of death, may seem extreme, but when you breathe into this as “worst case scenario”, you can actually reprogram your conscious mind to feel alive and that moves that fear out of your system.

Some forms fear takes:

  • Lack (not enough)
  • Abandonment
  • Feelings of being physically unsafe
  • Gluttony/hoarding
  • Fear of being alone
  • Fear of succeeding (solar plexus)
  • Fear of being seen (solar plexus)
  • Lack of trust
  • Being unworthy/unlovable

You are about to advance to the Week 1 Assignment for clearing.

Before you advance there, here are some guidelines on: Unpacking and Processing your Emotions

  • Breathe into them. Direct your breath to the area of the body where the emotion is stored and breathe into it. Think about your the systems in your body, organs or even cells; think about limbs, skin, etc.
  • Direct your focus to an area of the body where you notice the feeling sits
  • Try to visualize or create a “feels like/looks like/smells like” metaphor for your emotion. Answer questions like: what does it look like; what is the consistency; what color does it have? You might get things like: Fire, smokey clouds, quicksand, sticky glue, etc. To clear, think of how you would deal with what ever appeared to you. For instance: How would you put out fire? Think about what visuals you would create in turn to clear/transform that image and the emotion you are associating with it.
  • Talk to the fear with the intention of getting to know it better. You are a journalist, and your fear is an interviewee. Ask questions such as: Where did it come from? Did it come from you or someone else? How old is it? Do you need it anymore? Is it ready to go? If so, take some deep breaths and let it release down your grounding chord.

Module 1 Content (PDF)


Guided Meditation

Assignment (PDF)