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Ethical Guidelines and Code of Conduct
For Wendy De Rosa’s School of Intuitive Studies Online Healer Training Program

Please read carefully then provide your electronic signature and date in the fields at the bottom. Once signed, you will be provided a pdf copy for your records. 

As a trainee in The Intuitive Healer Training Program, you are receiving the education on spiritual growth, intuitive development and energy healing. Learning this work requires a deep respect for yourself, others and the planet. It also requires taking responsibility for actions and reactions in life knowing that when hurt arises it is an opportunity for transformation.

As healers there is a spiritual understanding as to why struggle and conflict happen, and there is the human experience of living through that difficulty, which is part of your own human process. Because this training contains expanding your light and unearthing your own blocks, issues and wounds, it is important for you to feel safe in a container. For, as a healer, you will eventually hold safety for others.

Please view the following guidelines for the Intuitive Healer Training Program.


• Ask for help when you are stuck, lost, confused, disconnected or shut down.

• Your peers in this class are here for you, as well as Wendy and assistants.

• Listen to others with respect and non-judgment.

• You are part of holding a safe container for the group. Please hold confidentiality and respect for others’ process.

• Group dynamics often trigger old family dynamics. If you are triggered by a peer in the group or an issue arises, please bring the issue to Wendy or an assistant so that the issue can be resolved.

• This is a deep process, so please know that some of your deepest places may get touched. If there is an urge to run or stop the process, you have hit a pinnacle of transformation. Allow us to help you through the struggle instead of running.

• You will get out of this program, what you put into this program. The assignments given are for us to track how you are progressing through the course. It is also for your own personal and spiritual growth. You are required to complete all the assignments to receive the certificate of completion to the program.

• Arrive on time for class.

• Your assistants are available for 10-15 minute check-ins as needed throughout the course. If the issue at hand requires more time, her session fee rate will apply.

• Please utilize the scheduled calls to ask Wendy questions about your process. If you are stuck you may email her ahead of time. If the issue requires more conversation or energy healing, my session rate will apply.

• In this program we ask that you commit to act in the highest, compassionate, truthful and ethical manner in this training program.

I agree to comply with the Held in Light Healer Training Program Ethical Guidelines and Codes of Conduct.

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